Lebron’s Mom Arrested for Assault

The mother of Miami Heat star LeBron James was arrested for misdemeanor assault at a posh Miami Beach hotel, police said.

Gloria James was taken into custody after an incident at the Fontainebleau Hotel at 4441 Collins Ave., according to Miami Beach Police.

Police have not given the details of her arrest, but said she was released early Thursday morning.

It isn’t the first time the mother of the NBA superstar has been involved with the law. She was arrested on DWI charges in Cleveland in 2006 while LeBron was with the Cavaliers.

VCU is Victorious

Everyone underestimated the 11th seed VCU as they played versus one of the top seeded schools, Kansas. The result of the game was an upset for Kansas but it was a dream come true for VCU’s junior guard Keith Burgess. After the win, he held up four fingers in the air indicating the next stop for VCU, The Final Four, definitely a dream come true for this Cinderella team whose fans only believed in “once upon a times.” Many people doubted them but as long they believed in themselves and each other, they were going to fight for that win and leave that court with nothing less than a W on their schedule.

VCU felt as though they didn’t deserve to be part of tournament after they finished in fourth place but they never gave up hope. Even when Kansas’ twin forwards Markieff and Marcus Morris told VCU Joey Rodriguez at mid-court just minutes before the game, “You’ve had a nice run, but it’s about to come to an end” it just made them want to win even more, they had to prove everyone wrong.

At the start of the game it seemed as though VCU’s season would surely come to an end as Kansas had full command on the scoreboard. But in the next 14 minutes, VCU took charge as Kansas trailed behind with a score of 39-21. During half-time the score was 41-27 in favor of VCU and it was a fact that Kansas was now done with all of the trash talking since they had nothing to boast about. The final score being 71-61, it should be a lesson learned to all teams that are regulars at winning to never brag, boast, or doubt another team. Sometimes it’s not all about talent and skill but who wants it more because whichever team wants it more surely deserves it.