Chris Brown BET Cypher 2011 (Video, Download, Lyrics)

Download The FULL Cypher Here

Said I Was Down For The Count Let’s Make Eat Them Words & If This Beef Was Sweet I Make Em Bite The Curb This Probation Got Me Walking On Straight an Narrow I’m Taking Shots In The Clubs Just Like Its double Barrel C’mon Live Through What I’ve Been Through This Media So Fucked Up That’s Why I Don’t Do No Interviews & I Gotta Break Shit But I Bend The Rules I Skateboard Kick Flip Right In My Pool With 200 Model Chicks Super Getting Loose They Just Want A Big Dick Did I Say That Oops Ha Oh My , Oh My Where’s My Manners Pardon Me For This Grammer This Virginia Country Bammer Going Nuts Like Some Planters Man My Chain Feel Like A Anchor When I Told You To Use Your Head I Ain’t Want You To Be No Thinker Fresher Than A Muhfucka , Yeah You Got Yo Stank Up , Yeah Swallow Your Pride , Here Go Head & Drank Up, Shame On You

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Communications Major Aspiring Journalist and Stylist

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