Chris Brown Gets $22K Rolex Back From Fan During VMAs

During Sunday’s (August 28) MTV Video Music Awards, R&B entertainer Chris Brown thrilled the audience and fans watching at home with a high-flying set showcasing his energetic dance moves. In the start of his performance Brown tried to avoid a bit of wardrobe malfunction and removed his loosening Rolex watch, tossing it to what he thought was a secure spot for later retrieval. The watch actually landed in the crowd where surely the watch would be lost forever. However, one honest fan stepped forward with the goods.

Gossip site TMZ reported that after Brown’s “Beautiful People” set, one of his bodyguards entered the throng and asked if anyone had the $22, 000 Rolex. Much to the surprise of many, a fan stepped up and returned the watch to Brown’s security team who got the watch back to the singer.

Breezy was undoubtedly appreciative of getting his watch back; he has yet to publicly address the near loss himself although a rep spoke with TMZ after the incident. “Although Chris did not get to meet the fan, he is very appreciative of the fan’s actions,” the rep shared with the site.

As Chris Brown gears up for his nationwide F.A.M.E. tour this September with guest performers Kelly Rowland, T-Pain and his “Snapbacks Back” partner Tyga, fans can rest assured that Chris Brown will no doubt take better care of securing his expensive jewels before he hits the stage.


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