Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 17

“I’m gonna go find something to eat,” Chris told me, “You want anything?”

“We can share whatever you find,” I answered. I sat there twirling my straw in my cup as Chris disappeared into the mist of people.

“Let me get some Barcadi,” the guy next to me said. He looked over at me and smiled so I smiled back. “Are you here alone?” he asked me.

“No,” I said shaking my head just in case he couldn’t hear me over the loud music, “I’m here with my boyfriend,” I turned around back towards the crowd and tried to catch a glimpse of Chris but he was nowhere to be found.

“Yeah, I figured a girl like you would have a boyfriend,” he smiled again, “You’re really pretty.”

“Uhm, thanks,” I answered turning back towards the crowd again, still no Chris. I took another sip and felt him staring at me so I downed the rest of my glass so I wouldn’t have to speak to him. I kept turning around to see if Chris was on his way back; it felt like he was gone for almost twenty minutes but in reality he was gone for about three. I could feel his eyes staring at me and I had never felt so uncomfortable I thought as I hid my face behind my long curly locks.

“You need another drink there?” he asked as he nudged my shoulder.

“No, no I’m fine thanks,” I said trying my best to sound normal. Where the fuck is Chris? I thought again, my patience was wearing thin and I wanted to leave. I dropped my purse on the floor and bent down to pick it up and when I stared at the bar of course there was a new drink on my side of the counter. He was smiling at me and I put on the fakest smile I could.

“You didn’t have to, my boyfriend was going to get me another drink,” I said putting a lot of emphasis on My Boyfriend.

He shrugged and said, “A toast to a good night,” and raised his glass and clanged it against mine. Christopher, I thought hoping he would read my mind but I’m pretty sure his powers didn’t work that way. This time I took my time with my drink and when I was halfway done my tongue felt numb, the room started spinning, and I felt like I was looking into a kaleidoscope.

4 months later…

“Are you still having flashbacks in your dreams?” she asked me, I hated being here.

“Yes,” I answered as I watched her scribble something on her notepad.

“Now are you sure it happened the way it did or is it just your dreams and a figment of your imagination?”

I scoffed, “I used to wear a promise ring,” I said as I started picking up my things and walked towards the door, “Why would I imagine getting raped?”

My parents thought that seeing a therapist would help me break out of my shell once again. I was so paranoid, disgusted, hurt, and suicidal, my life was just horrible. I dropped out of school and haven’t been doing much since the day Chris found me in his dorm room. I sat in my car and watched the January snow fall on the windshield of my car as I stared at the people walking past but one particular person caught my attention. He had a skully on with a black pea coat and fitted jeans; he was light skin and had nice brown eyes with full pink lips.

“Chris,” I whispered to myself, but obviously it wasn’t him.

                I remembered seeing him in that court room and no matter how much I wanted to blame myself he wouldn’t let me. I even testified no matter how much my parents begged me not to, but he was still convicted of assault. They said he should have let the cops handle it instead of taking matters into his own hands. Luckily, the jury had heard about what happened to me and how he was convicted of rape and was sentenced to 6 months in prison. It wasn’t much but I was glad he was sent away and I knew he would get his in prison; hell he already lost any chance he had of being in the NBA. Chris could have spent almost a year in prison for assault but he pleaded guilty and spent two nights in county jail along with a couple hundred hours of community service. But two days was more than enough time for my parents to pack up everything and relocate to New Jersey, taking me with them. They blamed Chris, they believed he changed me but what they didn’t know was that I loved him and he kept me sane.


I hated the holidays, everyone was so happy and I had to pretend I was the same. Outside I smiled at everyone that asked me how I was doing since the incidents but inside I was still broken. My first time was forced when I honestly wanted to share that moment with Chris; he actually understood me. I had no friends, my parents had lived hours across town, and my brother paid me no mind; Chris was there even if it wasn’t for long. Now I was standing in this crowded mansion for my parent’s New Year’s Eve party and all these people approached me as if they knew what I had been through. I tried to kill myself. I tried to kill myself because I couldn’t stand being alone, I hated who I was. Out of all of the people in the world this happened to me, why me? I used to be so happy.

I heard the doorbell ring several times and since no one had even flinched I went to open the door. There he was, Shad. He was a close family friend, we had known each other since we were kids, and the rest of his family was already here so his presence was not unexpected. He hugged me and my body tensed up, I hadn’t let another man touch me in months.

He felt my tension, “I’m sorry, Taylor,” he said and I just tried my hardest to smile.

“Shad!” someone had called from inside, I turned around to see his younger sister running towards him and he walked inside the house. Just as I was closing the door someone pushed it open again, it was Justin he must’ve have been here with Shad and for Austin. I looked past him and stepped out onto the front steps and stared at his black Range Rover.

“He’s not here, Tay” he told me. I looked him in the eyes as he put his hands in his pockets, his eyes looked glassy and he seemed sad. Great, he felt sorry for me just like everyone else here; it felt more like a pity party than a New Year’s Eve party. I walked past him back into the house and upstairs to my room and when I shut the door it opened, he followed me and watched me as I sat on my bed with my head in my hands.

“Where is he?” I asked, he didn’t say anything so I looked up at him; he was hesitant.

“He went back to Virginia,” he said and opened the door to leave, “I’m sorry.”

Not only was my life ruined but I ruined his as well. He must have thought that I left him since we never got chance to speak after his trial and now he was back in Virginia, with The Elite.

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