Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 16

He drove over to the campus and started walking around; something told him that she would be here. It was obvious he didn’t belong among all these White kids that all looked like they lived in the Upper East Side with their rich parents. So far he was the only guy walking around with a body marked up with tattoos; they might as well call an Intruder Alert he thought. He had never even been on this campus before with Taylor; he had never even been on a college campus at all. He slipped right through the back door of a building before it slammed shut and everything seemed more calm and quieter. As he walked down the hall he realized he was in the dorm building considering all the designs on the doors, bulletin boards on the walls, and people walking around in pajamas. He jogged up the stairs and entered a new hallway just as he recognized the girl that was walking towards him but he couldn’t remember where he had seen her until she walked past him.

                “Hey!” Chris called out to her but she couldn’t hear him with her Dre Beats on. He ran down the hall towards her and pulled on her arm, “Hey, have you seen Taylor?”

                “What the hell is your problem?” she asked pulling off her headphones. She hadn’t recognized him from Taylor’s birthday party but Chris remembered she was the first person Taylor hugged when she walked into her apartment.

                “Have you seen Taylor?” he asked again ignoring her attitude, he was desperate for an answer.

                She looked down the hallway almost as if she was checking to make sure they were alone, “She’s with Evan,” she whispered and quickly put the key into her door and slammed it shut in Chris’ face before he got the chance to ask another question.


                He sat outside on one of the benches contemplating what he should do next. He never even remembered Taylor mentioning an Evan before but they never really discussed exes at all. Was she cheating on him? And if she was he expected her to be with Shad not Evan. Who the fuck was Evan? But Taylor was worried and scared, he remembered. Either way he had to confront the situation and might as well get it over with while he was there. He walked through the main entrance this time and tried his best to fit in with a group of students that were headed in the same direction.

                “Where are you going?” the security at the main desk asked him.

                “Oh, I’m looking for my brother Evan,” he answered; which was the dumbest thing he could think of, he didn’t even know what Evan looked like.

                “He’s in Room 415,” the security guard answered.

                “Thanks,” Chris said and walked into the stairwell, “Dumbass,” he whispered and ran up to the fourth floor.

                When he finally got up to the fourth floor he stopped and caught his breath, he tried not to imagine the worse but that’s really all he pictured. Taylor had his heart and she knew it, he thought as he stood in front of room 415. He leaned towards the door and heard nothing, he knocked and heard something drop or maybe someone fell but no one answered the door. He knocked again, complete silence.

                “Taylor,” he said quietly and held both hands up against the door and closed his eyes trying to see through. Two girls walking past him started giggling and broke his concentration. He rolled his eyes at them and waited till they left and tried again. There she was lying on the bed looking confused, tired, and a mess but she was alone. Chris banged his fist on the door but she wouldn’t open it so he turned the knob. He opened the door and their eyes met but neither of them said anything, Taylor started crying. Chris was confused, he didn’t know whether he should comfort her or curse her out but as he walked towards her he realized she was still in her dress from the other night but it was slightly ripped on the bottom.

                “Taylor, what happened?” he said pulling her closer to him, she buried her face in his shoulder and he looked around the room trying to figure out who this Evan guy was.

                “I- I don’t know,” she fought out through her tears; her whole body was shaking as he held closer. He heard the door open behind him and Taylor tensed up, she was scared. Chris turned around and saw some guy who was around the same age as him staring down at his phone; he hadn’t noticed Chris was in there until he stood up off the bed.

                “Who the fuck are you?” Evan asked closing the door and setting his phone down on a desk right next to a box of Magnums. Chris looked over at the desk and hadn’t noticed that before, he was already fuming.

                “What did you do to her?” he asked, he sounded crazy.

                “You mean what did she ask me to do,” he chuckled but Chris didn’t let him continue just as his fist met Evan’s temple and he crashed into the wall. Chris blanked out that he couldn’t even hear Taylor screaming for him to stop; Evan had given up the fight as Chris continued to bash his fist against his skull until he was knocked out cold. Chris turned around with his fist raised in the air as he felt a tug on his arm, he realized it was Taylor and his arm dropped. She wrapped her arms around his waist as tight as she could and cried on his chest.

                “Take me home,” she just kept repeating and Chris could feel his heart and world slowly crumbling. Once again he felt like a failure. He was so selfish and naïve that he thought Taylor had been cheating on him, he was only thinking about himself when she had really needed him the most. He took off his t-shirt and helped Taylor put it on so no one could see her in her ripped dress as they walked out the door. Luckily after all the noise and commotion he had made no one was in the hall or by the back door as Chris ran towards his car as fast as he could with Taylor in his arms. He laid her down in the back seat and gave her a hoodie; she had cried herself to sleep before he even pulled out of the parking lot. Chris stared at her the whole time through the rear view mirror and started crying out of frustration as he thought of all the things that probably happened to her.


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