Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 15

When Chris woke up and headed to the kitchen to make breakfast Justin was walking his most recent female companion out the door. She was actually very pretty and it saddened Chris how some females could be so easy. All night he thought about what went wrong at the party and he couldn’t think of anything that bad that would make her leave. She might have been uncomfortable but she never said she was, besides Chris was with her the whole time; what was the worst that could happen? Just yesterday she had told him she loved him and he told her he was committed, he’d even asked her to marry him even though it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously but it was a step to a better relationship. Chris doubted something was wrong with Taylor, she only had about two drinks and if she was hurt he would have sensed it.

“What happened last night?” Justin asked while he sat at the kitchen counter.

“I don’t know she just disappeared with some other guy, it’s whatever,” he responded.

Justin shook his head in disappointment, “It’s not ‘whatever’ I thought you guys were official and shit.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought too,” Chris said walking to his room.

He had nothing to do, it’s not like he went to school or had a job like most people his age. The money he had was from all of the dirty work he had done throughout the years and it bothered him that that was all he was worth. There was a loud knock at the front door, he didn’t flinch or even bother to answer it. He heard the door open and quickly recognized the voice.

“Where the fuck is she?” Austin yelled.

“The last time we saw your sister was at the party. She ain’t here so relax,” Justin warned him.

Chris was hesitant at first to get up from his bed but his heart started racing, where was she? He walked down the hallway towards the front door and saw Austin’s face he went from confused to frustrated to pissed when he finally caught a glimpse of Chris.

He pushed him against the wall, “Where the fuck is my sister, Chris?”

Chris didn’t either bother to react aggressively towards him but if he swung there was no doubt in Chris’ mind that he might just kill him, he was tired of being treated like an animal.

“I don’t know,” he simply answered, it was the truth.

Austin must have believed him because he loosened his grip and his hands fell down to his side and he shook his head.

“She didn’t come home last night, she won’t answer her phone, and I haven’t even told my parents,” he said as his eyes became watery, “She’s not like this.”

Chris felt bad for Austin but he honestly didn’t give a shit about him.

“She was with me the whole day yesterday,” Chris started, “She went out with us to this party downtown, I walked away from her for about ten minutes and when I came back the bartender said she left with some dude. Ask Shad.”

Austin shook his head, “Shad’s downstairs in my car.”


Chris and Justin sat on one couch while Austin and Shad sat on the couch across from them. Justin was the mutual person in this situation while the other three wanted to kill each other. Austin was worried, Shad was pissed, but Chris was calm which made Shad even more pissed. Chris knew they both blamed him for whatever happened to Taylor but Chris was clueless, he had blamed Shad but he was sitting right in front of him and Taylor was nowhere to be found. It was pointless to just sit and wait while making phone calls to her supposed friends. Chris grabbed his phone and car keys off the table and headed out the door while they all stared at him in confusion.

By the time Chris got downstairs to the parking lot he heard footsteps behind him.

“Where the hell are you going? Taylor’s missing and you’re going out?” Shad asked.

Chris tried to ignore him but it was almost impossible, Shad was literally leaning against the car right next to him.

“You think I’m going shopping or something? Are you stupid?” Chris asked; Shad’s presence frustrated him. He got in the car, locked all the doors, and peeled out; leaving Shad alone in the parking lot.

He didn’t know where to start, they all called Taylor’s phone and it didn’t even ring. Chris decided it wouldn’t hurt to try one more time as he scrolled through his most recent calls and pressed talk.

“Come on, Taylor please pick up,” he said to himself, there was no tone. He gripped his phone in his fist and tried to calm himself down before he threw it at the windshield. He had thought that if she was in danger he would be able to sense her fear or anything just like he did for that girl in the alley but it didn’t work. Were his powers wearing off? Chris didn’t know any of Taylor’s friends either so that was pointless. He stared at the screen saver on his phone. It was a picture of her in one of his snapbacks with his white t-shirt on. If anything happened to her he wouldn’t know what to do with his life, he’d probably end up back in The Elite; he was that hopeless.

He pressed talk one more time and waited. It started to ring, the line clicked like someone had answered. “Taylor?” he whispered, no answer. There was a muffled kind of silence and whoever was on the other side of the line didn’t speak at all. “Talk to me, Tay,” Chris practically begged and just as he was about to say ‘I love you’ the call was dropped. He threw his phone towards the passenger seat and punched the steering wheel. Was she mad at him? Something was wrong and he didn’t know what it was. He put his head against steering wheel and closed his eyes, everything went blank and he finally saw her. She was dazed out and scared. He had to save her.

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