Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 14

Never in a million years did Taylor ever think she would actually get married let alone be in a committed relationship for so long. She officially started dating Chris the day after her birthday, the same day that she dumped Shad. It was only the fourth day of their relationship and he wanted to get married? Was he insane?

“Chris we’re too young and we haven’t even been together for a week,” she replied with her back to him, she was too nervous to look him in the eye.

“Yeah I know,” he said as he walked up behind her, “But I just wanted to let you know I’m committed to you. The sex doesn’t matter, Taylor.”

She felt his hands around her waist and turned around, “Really?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said looking into her eyes, “Besides that’s what Playboy magazines are for.”

“You’re disgusting” she said smacking his chest and walking away into the living room.

“Wow that was fast,” Justin said while he held onto his bowl of cereal. He gave Chris a thumbs up and winked at Taylor.

“So does the perverted-ness run in the family?” she sarcastically asked.

“Family?” Justin responded with a mouthful of Cap’n Crunch. He looked over at Chris who gave him a look that practically said he better go along with it or else, “Oh yeah, I guess so,” Justin said.

Chris sat down on the couch and Taylor layed down with her head on his lap. Justin was switching through the channels on the television and stopped on Faux News when he saw the familiar sketch of Chris from a few months ago.

“Is it a copy-cat or has our city’s hero turned into a villain?” the reporter said into the camera. Someone had been going around the city committing sex crimes against women in subways and they were dressed exactly the same way Chris was when he had saved that girl in the alley.

“Wait,” Taylor said lifting herself off the couch and pointing from Chris to the television, “Why does he look just like you?”

“Chris, what’s wrong with your girl?” Justin asked trying to take the attention off of Chris, “That dude looks nothing like you. You’re blonde, skinny like a twig—“

“Jus, shut up,” Chris finally cut him off and Justin walked out of the living room. “Months ago before I met you I saved this girl in an alley from some serial rapist. Justin’s the only person that knows and now you know, but all that stuff that’s going on now that’s not me.”

“But why didn’t you ever tell people you saved her?” she asked looking at him confused.

“The news would ask me how I knew she was there plus those guys were looking for me. And I don’t care if people know that I save other people, I don’t need or want that kind of attention,” he said.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You already told me everything else.”

“I forgot,” he answered.

Taylor stared at him like she was looking into his soul and his mind.

“Are we done with the secrets?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Chris answered.

“You swear?” she asked putting her pinky in Chris’ face.

“Yes, Taylor,” he said and they locked pinky’s, little did they know they were both lying.


“Chris, I need to go,” Taylor said halfway out the door while Chris pulled on her arm.

“Wait,” he said pulling her close and leaning down to kiss her and when he did he pulled her back inside and shut the door.

“I have to go home, Austin’s already called me like five times,” she said.

“He thinks you’re at the library so… let’s study,” he smiled at her and raised his eyebrows.

“Christopher West,” she said and pushed him off.

“Hey Chris, party tonight. We going?” Justin asked walking past them to his room.

Chris looked at Taylor and she sighed, “I don’t have anything to wear.”


A quick 30 minute shopping spree in Soho and Chris already had Taylor dressed and ready to go. He knew with the drama between her brother and ex-boyfriend he had to make the most out of the time he spent with her. Chris and Justin were sitting on the couch waiting for Taylor to come out.

“Now I know why you love her so much, you’re exactly the same,” Justin said looking at his watch as Chris tapped his fingers on the arm of the couch. They heard a door open down the hall and they both sat up as they heard heels clicking on the wooden floor. They both watched as Taylor walked towards them with her head down, completely oblivious to how mesmerized they were.

“Damn,” Justin said.

Taylor looked up, “Huh? Is something wrong?”

Chris looked at Justin and whispered. “Shut up,” he walked over to Taylor kissed her on the cheek, “You look beautiful,” he said and grabbed her hand and headed out the door.

                “Everyone always leaves me behind,” Justin said to himself and jogged after them.


It was a typical downtown party, the usual people were scattered around passing drinks, blunts, the works. Taylor held on tighter to Chris’ hand, she didn’t feel comfortable. Someone Justin knew called them over by the bar and passed them drinks, Chris just set his back on the counter and watched as Taylor just stared at hers.

“Babe, if you want to drink go right ahead,” Chris said and she took a sip; whatever it was it must’ve been strong because her face squirmed. The party was pretty wild, everyone was drinking, dancing, and just having a good time. The whole time they were there Chris just sat at the bar and Taylor kept taking sips since she was so bored.

“I’m gonna go find something to eat,” Chris told Taylor, “You want anything?”

“We can share whatever you find,” she answered. She sat there twirling her straw in her cup as Chris disappeared into the mist of people.

“Let me get some Barcadi,” the guy next to Taylor said. He looked over at her and smiled and she smiled back. “Are you here alone?” he asked her.

“No,” she said shaking her head just in case he couldn’t hear her over the loud music, “I’m here with my boyfriend,” she turned around back towards the crowd and tried to catch a glimpse of Chris but she didn’t see him.

“Yeah, I figured a girl like you would have a boyfriend,” he smiled again, “You’re really pretty.”

“Uhm, thanks,” Taylor replied turning back towards the crowd again, still no Chris. She took another sip as she felt him staring at her and she downed the rest of her glass so she wouldn’t have to speak to him.

Chris finally found some chips in the kitchen and grabbed himself a bottle of soda. He headed back to the mini bar where he had left Taylor and saw no one, he put the chips and soda down on the nearest table. He walked to the bathroom but Taylor wasn’t in the line of girls waiting for their turn. She wasn’t dancing or in the living room so he checked outside. He went to look for Justin, “Have you seen Taylor? I can’t find her,” he told him.

“She looked uncomfortable when she got here, Chris maybe she left,” Justin said.

He doubted she would just up and leave like that, he believed she would have the decency to at least tell him. They were a couple, there are rules to a relationship and couples didn’t do this kind of stuff. Chris walked around the whole house once again and didn’t see her. He walked over to the bar, “Where’s the girl who was sitting here a while ago?” he asked, “The one with the curly blonde hair?”

“She left a little while ago with some guy,” the bartender answered.

Chris sucked his teeth, his jaw was clenched, and he was pissed. He should’ve known better. Justin and Austin were still friends, Austin was friends with Shad; any party Justin was invited to they would be there as well. He didn’t even bother to walk around the whole house to look for Taylor, Shad, or Austin; she must’ve been long gone by now. It was bound to happen, Shad never even took his luggage from Taylor’s house, Chris thought as he headed out the front door and hopped in a cab to go home.

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