Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 9

Once the door was shut Chris crawled out from underneath the bed and put his shirt back on. He tried to take in everything that just happened. She still wanted him and that made him happy but he never planned on sharing her with anyone else so if she was going to choose she’d have to make her mind up soon. He realized he still had her present in his back pocket, he took it out and set it down on her desk and walked towards the door. If he was going to win her back he knew he’d have to work for it and Shad was ‘competition’ but Chris didn’t really consider him as competition but he still had to get rid of him. He decided he would personally deliver Taylor’s gift. The party was still going by the time he walked back, there were fewer people though. He spotted Taylor dancing with Shad, they were surrounded by a few people.

“Taylor,” Chris called out as he walked towards her. They both stopped dancing and Taylor had an awkward look on her face, they were more than just friends a few seconds ago in her bedroom and now she had to act like she hardly knew him.
“What’s wrong, Chris” she asked confused, Shad wrapped his arm around her waist like he was claiming his territory.
“I wanted to give you your present before I forgot.”
“Chris, you didn’t have to,” she replied shaking her head, the gift he had given her a few minutes ago was more than enough, it was priceless. Chris still handed her the turquoise box that was wrapped with a white ribbon.
“Tiffany’s?” she asked looking up at Chris who was already smiling like a little boy on Christmas morning. She pulled the ribbon off and opened the box; she put her hand over her mouth and gasped when she saw the angel wing with her name engraved on it.
“Let me help you put it on,” Chris insisted as he looked over at Shad who had a mug look on his face, “Excuse me,” Chris said looking at Shad’s arm that had a tighter grip on Taylor now.

Taylor turned around and pulled her hair towards her right shoulder. Chris would’ve given anything to just kiss her right now, he thought as he locked the necklace.

Taylor turned around and faced him, “I love it, Chris. It’s beautiful, thank you.”
“No problem,” he replied and smiled just as Shad grabbed her hand and led her to the other side of the apartment.
Maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing Chris had ever thought of but love made you do stupid things. He could easily take on Shad but he didn’t want to hurt Taylor again like he had with Austin. He didn’t want her to be afraid of him even though if he ever told her the truth about himself she’d probably never want to see him again. Chris promised himself he’d try his best to stay positive. If she didn’t like him then everything that happened tonight would have never happened the way it did, he just had to give her some time to dump Shad. He walked around the apartment looking for Justin and he found him just where he had expected, right in between two girls on the couch; he was too drunk.


“Thanks again for coming,” Taylor said as she walked the guests out.

Chris was still trying to get Justin to get up off the couch so they could leave; they were the last people left.

“And you say I have a weak stomach?” Chris told him as Justin put his arm over Chris’ shoulder and they walked towards the door. Austin and Shad were sitting at the bar, their conversation was so intense they didn’t even notice Taylor slip out the front door with Chris and Justin.

“Seriously Chris, thanks I know that had to be really expensive,” she said as they walked into the elevator.

“Don’t even worry about it. I wanted to get it for you, as long as you’re happy so am I,” he responded.

“Oh, you guys make me sick,” Justin interrupted.

They walked to the parking lot and Chris put Justin in the front seat of the car and walked over to Taylor.

“I’ll see you around, right?” he asked.

“Of course. Here put your number in here,” she said handing over her phone and he did the same. “I have to get back upstairs; it was nice seeing you again.”

She was about to walk away when Chris grabbed her hand and pulled her back, he kissed her on her forehead and she walked away holding onto her necklace. When she was inside the elevator her phone started ringing, she sighed thinking it was Shad.

“Just wanted to make sure you didn’t give me the number to a Chinese restaurant,” Chris laughed.

“Goodnight, Christopher,” she said and hung up and right after she did she edited his name to Angel.

When she opened the door to the apartment the living room was empty, Austin must’ve gone to sleep. Shad walked towards her, he was down the bedroom hallway.

“Someone forgot this,” he said. He had a Knicks snapback in his hand.

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