Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 8

“Don’t do it to yourself,” Justin told Chris as he patted him on the shoulder, “You have a weak stomach.”

Chris was already on his second shot, he knew this wasn’t the solution and he never did this before. He turned around and saw Taylor greeting all of her guests which she didn’t even like.
“That’s probably just a friend, maybe he’s gay,” Justin joked.
In the middle of Taylor’s conversation her male companion snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck.
“Right, he’s definitely gay,” Chris answered as he leaned against the bar taking in the whole party, Taylor hadn’t even noticed him yet.
“Well, there’s a bunch of other good-looking girls around,” Justin said leaning on Chris’ shoulder, the same shoulder where he had gotten shot. He twirled around in his seat and faced the bartender again making Justin lose his balance.
“Dude, look normal,” Justin sounded nervous.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Chris whispered.

“Jus, it’s nice to see you.” It was Taylor, fuck my life, Chris thought.
At the corner of his eye he saw Justin hug Taylor, her hand was still attached to her new “friend.”
He turned around, he had the biggest smile on his face which was completely fake.
“What’s up, girl? Happy Birthday,” he said and he gave her one of those one arm hugs.
“Thanks,” she said and smiled, “I want you to meet Shad,” she insisted as she pushed Shad closer to Chris.

He was smaller than Chris, a bit darker, and scrawny. Chris put his hand out and Shad tried to intimidate him by squeezing his hand but Chris did the same, what a punk Chris thought. Taylor smiled at Chris and he couldn’t help but smile back. The way she looked at him now was the same look she gave him when they were alone in the car and when they had gone bowling a few months ago. He still felt the chemistry between them and he knew she did too but now it was her turn to chase. He watched her walk away and as she did she turned back and smiled at him again.
“He seems like a cool guy,” Justin said trying to lighten up the awkwardness.
“He’s soft,” Chris replied bluntly, “Plus, isn’t that one of Austin’s boys? Why would he get me hyped about her coming back when she went to Cali with that guy?”
“He never implied that she liked you or anything,” Justin answered.
“You ended this for you and Taylor, I misjudged you,” Chris repeated from the last time he spoke to Austin, “Emphasis on you and Taylor,” he said as took another shot and walked away into the crowd of people.
It was near midnight and Chris had no idea why he was still there and then he remembered how Justin was already drunk and he couldn’t let him walk home. He was annoyed with everyone at the party even though he didn’t know them. Every time he walked out on the balcony there was always a new couple out there sucking each other’s faces off.

“F-ck this,” Chris said to himself.

He walked up four small steps and down the hallway, there had to be a tv around here somewhere. The first door he opened was a closet and it gave him a flashback to his most recent heist. “I could’ve died and she wouldn’t have known or cared but then again she didn’t know because I wasn’t honest,” he thought. He opened the next door and turned on the lights, the walls were painted red. There were posters on the wall of Lebron James, Jennie Finch, Tyra Banks, and Trey Songz. Chris walked over to the white dresser, she had dozens of softball trophies from when she was little up to high school; he couldn’t help but laugh when he saw her baby pictures. He sat at her desk and looked at all of her notebooks and textbooks from school. He found a sketchbook and flipped through the pages and stopped when he saw a familiar face, his own. She even drew his tattoos, he looked down at the dates, July.

“I’ll be right back,” he heard a voice say in the hallway. The door opened and he threw the sketchbook back in the desk.

She hadn’t even noticed he was sitting in her room as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slipped it off over her head. Her waist was so small and for such a thin girl she still had curves and even back dimples, it must’ve been her Spanish roots.
She turned around, “Holy sh-t!” she yelled and quickly covered herself.
“I’m sorry, I was bored!” he shouted back as he turned his back to her, “You have a nicer six pack than I do,” he laughed.
“You’re an ass, I swear,” she responded as she grabbed another shirt from her closet and the wet one in the hamper, someone had spilled a drink on her. “You can turn around now.” And when he did her arms were crossed against her chest and she was pissed. This was the first time Chris had ever seen her mad and he thought it was adorable.
“I don’t understand why you’re laughing. You’re bored and you think it’s okay to snoop around my room and watch me change?” she scolded him.

“First off, I got lost,” he said walking over to her bed and laying down, “And you’ve already seen me with my shirt off twice, it was my turn now.”
She laughed, “You have issues,” she said as she layed down on her stomach next to him, “I heard you helped with the party, thanks.”
“How are you even enjoying this? You don’t even like those people.”
“I’m in here, aren’t I?” she asked.
“Oh, so you like me huh?” he said, imitating what she had told him in the car a few months ago.
She lowered her head, “I have a boyfriend.”
“Ouch. What do you even see in him? He doesn’t even look like he’s fun and his swag…”
“Don’t say that,” she responded still looking down at her pillow.
“I called you every single night for a month straight, I missed you,” he confessed.
“Austin broke my phone that day in your parking lot,” she explained.
“I saw your sketchbook. I thought you said I was cute and that didn’t look cute,” he laughed and slightly pushed her shoulder, “I can give you some drawing lessons.”

“I actually thought I made you look better,” she said seriously but she broke into a laugh and rolled over on her back.

Her curls fell in front of her face and her cheeks were rosy. He layed on top of her in a push up position, he brushed the hair out of her, and softly touched her face with his finger, she stopped laughing. He kissed her softly on her neck and looked at her, she propped herself up on her elbows and put her face closer to his. They stared at each other until he softly kissed her soft pink lips, she kissed him back as she wrapped her hands around the back of his neck and he did the same. He started to slowly lift her shirt and she helped him take his off. There was a knock on the door and they both froze, she pushed Chris off the bed and threw his shirt at him.

“What the—“ he tried to finish but she turned around and put her finger up to her lips and told him to shut up without actually saying it out loud.

“Babe?” they heard as the door opened, Taylor layed back down, “Are you okay?” Shad asked.

“Yeah,” she answered, “Just really tired, it was a long flight,” she yawned. Shad walked over to the bed and layed over her in the same push up position Chris had done earlier.

“Not now, Shad,” she said.

Chris was underneath the bed and he noticed when it rose, she must’ve pushed Shad off of her he thought and he tried his best not to laugh. He watched as they walked towards the door and the lights flicked off, before Taylor closed the door she stared back to where she knew Chris was hiding. Shad insecurely grabbed her hand and led her back to the party filled with people Chris said she didn’t like and he was right.

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