Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 7

His head was pounding and his body felt sore. When he finally opened his eyes he realized he was in a familiar place and not in his car. He looked down at his body, he was shirtless and had his sweats on, the last thing he remembered he was trying to stay awake and now he was in his own bed. He tried to pick himself off his bed but his shoulder hurt so bad he had to roll off. The wound had healed and left a scar but he still felt the pain. When he stood up he saw his book bag in a corner by the door.

“F-ck,” he said when he realized it was empty. He heard people talking in the kitchen and walked down the hall, it was Justin and Austin.

“Oh he’s alive!” Justin joked.

Austin didn’t say anything and Chris didn’t laugh at Justin’s jokes, he pulled him aside.

“What the fuck happened? Where’s the stuff that was in my bag, I have to deliver to it,” Chris said.

“We followed you,” Austin said, “If it wasn’t for us you’d be dead by now.”

Chris ignored him and looked at Justin, “I told you to stay out of this and you bring him into this too? Where’s the bag?”

“They picked it up, not here though. It’s done, Chris you can live your life now,” Justin answered.

Chris sighed, he wanted to believe that it was over but nothing was officially over when it came to The Elite, he learned that from what they had done to his father.

“Why are you helping me?” Chris asked Austin.

“Jus said you wanted to end it for you and Taylor, I’m sorry I misjudged you bro.”

“Where is she?” Chris asked not accepting his apology or apologizing for breaking his nose.

“She’s in California. My parents bought her tickets for her birthday. She’s coming back tomorrow night and we’re throwing her a surprise party at my place, you and Justin are invited.”

“Wait, tomorrow’s September 5th?” Chris asked confused.

“You were out for a whole week,” Justin answered.


Everything was going just fine, this is what a normal life must’ve felt like, Chris thought. He drove to Manhattan and decided to go shopping on Fifth Ave. He had to get Taylor the perfect birthday present, they hadn’t seen each other all summer and he wanted tomorrow night to be special, he wanted to make it official. He walked into Tiffany & Co. diamonds were a girl’s best friend, right? He walked over to a counter and the associate looked at him strange like he was about to rob the place.

“Can I help you, sir?”

He looked up at her, she was probably already pressing the panic button Chris thought.

“It’s my fri—my girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow and I’m not sure what to get her. She’s turning 19,” he explained.

“Well, something classic will be nice,” the lady responded, “I’ll be right back.”

When she came back she had a box of necklaces and placed them in front of Chris. There were heart pendants but they were so typical and basic, Chris thought and then he saw the angel wing, it looked like a feather and it matched his tattoo.

“How much for this one?” he asked pointing at the necklace.

“$1,500,” she answered.

“I’ll take it,” he said, “Can you have her name engraved on it?”

“Uh, yes. How are you paying?”

“Cash,” Chris replied.


Chris and Justin had helped Austin decorate his loft for Taylor’s party the next night. The plan was for Austin to pick her up at the airport and for him to spend the whole day with her, brother and sister bonding. The party was going to start at around 6pm and it was up to Chris and Justin to get all of her and Austin’s friends at the loft in time for the surprise.

It was 3am and Chris still couldn’t sleep. He remembered the last time he was with Taylor and tried to forget about how horrible the moment had ended. He thought about the first time they met and how she had been so nice to him even though he was a stranger at the time. He couldn’t get over how she had always made the first move, usually he was the flirt but when it came to Taylor she was in charge, she was boss.

“She’s in California. My parents bought her tickets for her birthday…” Chris replayed the memory.

“Tickets?” he whispered to himself. Maybe she went with some of her friends or some family, if there was another guy involved Austin would’ve have told him since they were friends now and he trusted Chris with Taylor. He shrugged it off, he knew there was chemistry between Taylor and himself and he thought about her every day the whole summer, nothing or no one could change that.


“Wake up, lover boy!” Justin yelled.

Chris jumped out his bed and winced at the sharp pain that was sent down his back, Justin had thrown a whole cup of cold water in his face.

“I call you by your name, you don’t wake up. I call you ‘lover boy’ and you jump out of bed like a little girl, disgusting,” Justin laughed as he walked out of the room.

Chris threw a pillow at him and it hit Justin in the head. He was never going to get over the fact that Chris was stronger and faster than him, they always competed at everything since they were kids. Chris looked at his phone it was three in the afternoon.

“Sh-t,” he said, he should’ve been ready by now.

He was finally dressed and out the door two hours later. He had on a Polo shirt with dark denim jeans, Jordans, and his Knicks snapback on.

“You’re worse than a girl, bro,” Justin complained in the car, “It took you that long to just put that on?”

“Shut the fuck up and keep your eyes on the road,” Chris replied laughing. He hadn’t shown Justin the gift he bought Taylor; he didn’t want to jinx anything by showing it to someone else. He thought about those tv shows where someone tries on a wedding ring that doesn’t belong to them and it gets stuck on their finger, he didn’t want any of that happening tonight even though it was a necklace.

Everyone that was invited to the party had already shown up, the loft was filled with people Chris was sure that Taylor didn’t like; most of these people were at the last party and that didn’t end too well. Someone turned down the stereo and Justin stood up on a chair, “I just got Austin’s text, he just parked the car and their coming up!” he advised. Everyone started running to hiding places and someone had turned off the lights. Chris just sat at the bar and tried to look as normal as possible even though he felt like his heart was about to beat out of his chest any second now. He tried to picture how she’d look; maybe she changed her hair, got a tan, or maybe she brought back some LA swag. Everything got quiet as the door slowly opened and Austin flicked on the lights.

“Surprise!” everyone shouted, Chris started smiling when he saw her. Her hair was lighter, it was blonde and curly. Chris was right, she had gotten a tan and brought back some LA swag. He laughed, they were too much alike now. As Taylor walked into the loft he noticed someone was holding onto her hand, it was another guy Chris realized and he lost grip on the Tiffany box and dropped it on the wooden floor. He quickly picked up the box and put it in the pocket of his jeans, he turned around “Can I have a shot?” Chris asked the bartender.

“Of…” the bartender waited.

“Man, I don’t know, anything,” he replied, Chris obviously wasn’t a drinker.

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