Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 6

There was only two weeks left in the summer and he called her every single day for the past month but she never answered.

“I don’t know what it is but I feel drawn to you. I’m sorry for what I did but he shouldn’t have treated you like that and I felt like I had to defend you. If you want me to apologize to him I will but I just need to see you. And there’s something I need to tell you, I haven’t been honest and it’s really important. I miss you…” he said right before her voicemail cut him off, that was the last message he had left her. This was his routine for a month straight until he finally gave up.

Chris spent most of his days moping around his apartment. Justin had moved in since he got kicked out of his loft for disruptive behavior, he had parties every single weekend. He tried to get Chris to go to the club and meet some new girls but everything Chris had done with those girls meant nothing, he honestly felt numb whenever he was around another girl, it just wasn’t the same. He knew Justin secretly hung out with Austin but there was no use in asking about Taylor because Justin wouldn’t tell him anything.

“Maybe this was for the best,” Justin would say, “You know they’re looking for you and if they found out about her they’ll use her as bait, she’s all you have well had.”

Maybe it was time for him to move on, he finally realized when he got out of bed. He still slept during the day and was up all night. Justin had gone out with some “friends” and Chris knew that meant Austin so he decided to go out for a drive and find something to do to just clear his mind. He grabbed his keys and headed for the parking lot. The parking lot lights were dimmed so Chris set off his car alarm so it could lead him in the right direction. Once he reached his car he unlocked the doors and was about to step in when he heard footsteps echo on the concrete behind him.

“Did you really think you could escape us?” the voice belonged to a man. Chris turned around and dropped his keys as he stared at the pale face, with the black round glasses, and blonde hair but he wasn’t alone. “It’s been two years already and after everything we did for you. We helped you, we were your family and we made you a better person.”

“You turned me into a monster,” Chris responded as he gritted his teeth, “You’re not my family, you killed them remember?”

Two men held Chris against his car, forbidding him from moving.

“So, I have a proposition for you,” the man said, “You do this last job for us and you’re free to go.”

“Bullsh-t,” Chris answered.

“Ask your friend Justin, why do you think he’s still alive? The details are all in here,” he said pointing at an envelope. “Don’t try to runaway again,” he warned. And then Chris felt a sharp pain in his neck that flowed through his throat taking his breath away, it was the same agonizing pain he felt eight years ago.

“That’s a tracking device,” the man explained as Chris fell to the ground, “We can track your every move and if you run, you’re dead,” he said pointing to a remote in his hand, “I press this and that’s the end of you. Get it done,” he said dropping the envelope on the ground next to Chris and he walked away as the two men trailed behind him.

When he heard the tires of their car screech out of the parking lot he finally built up the courage to stand up and when he did he punched the cement wall making it crack all the way up to the ceiling. He picked up the envelope and threw it in his car and sat down. His neck felt hot and warm, when he rubbed on it he felt some blood and wiped it on his shorts. He punched the steering wheel and let out a scream. Just when he thought his life was changing something went wrong but this was worst than losing Taylor, he could lose his life and she wouldn’t even know. He didn’t even want to open the envelope and read the details, the thought of it all happening again made him sick.


“You’re gonna do it, right?” Justin asked as he watched Chris pace around the living room with his fingers massaging his temples.

“Like I have a choice, Jus,” he answered, “Look at what they did to me,” he said pointing to his scars on his arms and his neck. “I can’t deal with this anymore.”

“I can help you,” Justin insisted.

“No,” Chris said, “You’re done with this and if you try to help me they’ll use you again.”

They were silent for a few minutes but Chris continued to pace. Justin held the white envelope in his hands, “Are you gonna open it or am I?”

Chris walked over to him and grabbed the envelope out of his hands, after staring at it for a few seconds he finally ripped it open.

“Is there a deadline?” Justin asked.

Chris shook his head, “I have one week.”

“You really think if you do this it’s gonna end?”

“You’re free,” Chris answered and walked away.


The next day Chris knew he had to get to work, the faster he did what he had to do the quicker this would all end.

“Have you heard about Taylor?” Chris asked, he couldn’t keep quiet about it any longer.

Justin sighed, “You’re still stuck on that?”

“What’s up with her brother though? He doesn’t even know me and I haven’t done anything wrong to him or Taylor,” Chris said.

Justin hesitated, “I told him about my past and I said yours was similar. He’s been my friend for almost three years now and he figured most of it out on his own anyway.”

“What? Why would you do that? And you didn’t even tell me or warn me?”

“You can trust him,” Justin said.

“I’m gonna trust him after he tried to kick my ass? Great, I bet he told her by now,” Chris replied gripping the kitchen marble counter so hard he could feel it cracking in his palm.

“He didn’t. She doesn’t know anything. You guys just need to get to know each other. That’s his little sister, Chris you need to understand that he’s only trying to look out for her.”

“Whatever, bro,” he said as he stormed out of the apartment.


He realized he had forgotten the white envelope on the kitchen counter but luckily he remembered the address. Bay 17th Street in Brooklyn. He had decided that he was only doing a stake out to get a feel of the area and the people but his adrenaline was pumping and he just wanted to get it over with. When he got there the streets weren’t as crowded as the streets in Soho or Manhattan. He parked across the street and tried to just relax and breathe for a few minutes but he was angry and he couldn’t shake the feeling. He was betrayed by his best friend, lost another person in his life, and his past had caught up to him.

The whole building belonged to Anthony Torres, Chris remembered from what was in the envelope. The building was four stories high and he thought the best way to start was from the top, he’d surprise them which gave him a better chance of survival. Chris walked into the building next door and ran up the stairs till he got to the roof. So far no one had seen or recognized him, he jumped from one roof to the next. He kicked down a door and made his way into the building, he was on the fourth floor. He turned the corner and saw a tall man guarding a door, the guy looked like he was about 300lbs. Chris crept up behind him as quiet as possible and cracked his neck, the man dropped to the ground instantly. He grabbed the gun the man had on his belt, he had a bad feeling about all of this.

He put his ear to the door, he heard nothing. He swung open the door to only see another door, it was a trap. An alarm set off and Chris started to panick, he ran down the hall and once he turned the corner two men ran in his direction. They shot at him and luckily missed, Chris shot back and they both dropped. The next door he saw he opened and ran inside the room.

“Jackpot,” he said as he stared at a black safe. The two men he just killed must’ve have been guarding it because it was opened. This was too easy Chris thought as he swung his bag off his shoulder and started putting the money inside, it must’ve been over a million dollars.

“Check downstairs,” Chris heard someone shout, “The rest of you check the rooms with the merchandise.” He heard footsteps coming closer and once they passed he planned on running out of the room as fast as he could but before he left he needed to find Anthony Torres, he was the boss.

It was finally quiet and Chris slowly opened the door and ran down the hallway. It was actually too quiet Chris realized as he opened every door and saw no one.

“Ant, we gotta go” he heard a voice down the hall, “They already stole the money.”

“Alright, let’s go but I want the whole place in smoke, don’t leave any evidence,” Anthony responded.

Chris rounded the corner and they were all face to face. Anthony’s bodyguard reacted faster than Chris had predicted, he pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight through Chris’ shoulder. Chris aimed at his head and the bodyguard dropped, he pointed the gun at Anthony, he wasn’t armed.

“Who sent you?” he asked Chris, knowing he was going to die.

“The Elite,” he answered and shot him in the chest and once in the head. The hallways had already filled up with smoke as Chris ran into a room and kicked the glass of a window and climbed down the fire escape. He dropped the gun in the alley sewer and crossed the street and got into his car. The building was up in flames by the time he drove down the block, everything happened so fast that he forgot he had been shot. The blood was oozing down his shirt and he felt himself losing consciousness.

“Just get home,” he told himself.

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