Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 5

“What are you doing here?” Chris asked, confused.

“You really think I’m gonna stay home while my brother’s at a club and he’s leaving for the weekend?” Taylor laughed, “Let’s go out.”

“Go out?”

“Yeah, like hang out,” she answered.

They ended up in Justin’s car heading up to Lucky Strike, the bowling alley in midtown. Chris knew this wasn’t the smartest decision he’s ever made and it was obvious that Austin had not wanted him anywhere near his sister, but Chris felt like he owed it to her. Their conversations and chemistry made it seem like they knew each other for years. She made him feel comfortable and she took his mind off of everything he used to worry about before he met her.

They were stuck in traffic in the Midtown Tunnel, the car hadn’t moved an inch for the past five minutes.

“We’re dressed the same,” Chris said and poked Taylor in the ribs. They both had sleeveless tees, shorts, and Vans on.

“Well, aren’t we cute,” Taylor teased and pinched Chris’ cheeks. He looked at her with a serious face and then broke out into a laugh. “You have dimples! Aw, that’s adorable, I wish had some,” Taylor said.

“I like you just the way you are,” Chris replied.

“Oh, so you like me huh,” Taylor teased again moving closer to Chris.

Chris moved closer to her, his hands still on the steering wheel. “You’re alright, I guess. I mean you’re cute but that’s about it,” he joked. Their faces inched closer and Chris lightly touched her face with his fingers. He tilted his head and she followed. There was a knock on the window and they bumped heads, Chris turned around and lowered his window.

“You feel like moving your car?” the man asked. Chris looked ahead, all the cars had disappeared, he looked in the rearview mirror and saw a line of cars, everyone was honking their horns.

Chris looked at Taylor and they both laughed. He grabbed the clutch and stepped on the gas and Taylor grabbed his hand, he loved how she smiled just because.


“So whoever loses has to pay for dinner tonight,” Taylor said, “And maybe a kiss for every strike?”

“Deal,” Chris answered and they shook on it.

They didn’t talk throughout the whole game that’s how serious they were, but neither of them made a strike yet they were horrible. They decided to take a break, the score was only 84 to 68, Taylor of course had the lead.

“I’m letting you win,” Chris protested.

“You suck, stop lying,” Taylor responded as she threw some fries at him. One of the employees walked past her and gave her an evil look.

“We hardly know each other, you know,” said Chris.

“So ask me something,” she replied.

“Your favorite color?”


“Mine too,” he said and smiled. He learned that her full name was Taylor LaFontaine. She was mixed, Hispanic and Italian, her birthday was in September which made her a Virgo. She spent most of her nights watching ESPN and eating her favorite ice cream, cookies n’ cream. She loved dogs and lived with her brother because of school and moved to her parents’ every summer in upstate New York. She was the kind of girl he had always dreamed of and he couldn’t believe she was sitting right in front of him.

“Christopher West,” she said, “That sounds like a superhero name,” she joked, “So, how do you have a country accent if you’re from Cali?”

F-ck, Chris thought; he knew he’d had to start telling the truth little by little.

“I was born and raised in Virginia and then I moved to California and here I am in New York,” he explained, this time it was the truth.

“And your family is still in Virginia?” she assumed.

“Yeah, my parents still live down there and I’m the only child,” he lied, he had no family.

He told her the simple things about himself and tried to stay clear of his past as much as possible. He told her how he  loved playing basketball and all of his favorite hobbies even though he didn’t do much these days, he never had the time. His scars were never mentioned and Chris had hoped she’d forgotten. When they got up to leave Chris grabbed her hand and she held onto his arm and softly rubbed her fingers on his scar, she looked at him and smiled. Chris knew somehow he had to tell her but he also knew that if he did he’d put her in danger and he couldn’t save her on his own. He appreciated that she didn’t try to force it out of him but he wished she did because it wasn’t going to be easy to explain and she’d probably want nothing to do with him afterwards.

“How do you know Justin? Are you guys related?” Taylor asked as they got in the car.

“We’re cousins,” Chris lied turning on the radio hoping it would stop her from asking more questions, it worked.

“Oh my God, I love this song!” Taylor shouted happily as she turned up the volume, Chris just looked at her and laughed. “Cause you are, the only thing that I got right now,” she sang to Chris.

He couldn’t help but laugh, he put his finger up to her lips, “Shh, your cuter when you’re quiet.”

“F-ck you, Christopher” she laughed.

“You got that smile that only Heaven can make, I pray to God everyday to keep you forever,” He sang.

“Babe, you can sing!” she said surprised.

Chris just smiled, things were going along just perfect and he had completely forgot about all of the things he should’ve told her. Something started vibrating on the floor of the car and they heard buzzing. Chris looked at Taylor confused and she looked under her seat, she must have dropped her phone when they got out of the car before.

“What is it?” Chris asked, Taylor looked worried.

“20 missed calls,” she sighed, “It’s Austin.”

“F-ck, I need to get you home.”

“My car is in your parking lot, Chris.”

When they got to Chris’ apartment Austin and Justin were already waiting for them in the parking lot, Austin’s car blocking Taylor’s. Chris noticed Justin trying to calm Austin down and Chris promised himself he wouldn’t do anything stupid. When they both got out of the car Austin already started yelling.

“Tay, where the fuck have you been?” he shouted walking towards her. “I thought I told you to get your ass home, you don’t even know this dude. Are you stupid?” he asked getting a rough grip on her arm.

Taylor started crying, “Austin, you’re making a scene.”

“And you’re acting like a hoe,” he responded.

“Don’t talk to her like that, man” Chris interrupted, “That’s your sister, have some respect.”

“What do you know about respect? Mind your business,” Austin replied and he got in Chris’ face.

“Austin, stop!” Taylor cried. Justin walked over and tried to get in between them. Austin shoved Chris, “Stay away from her,” he said. Chris cocked his arm back and punched him dead in the nose, he started bleeding instantly, it had to be broken. Justin pushed Chris back towards his car, “What the fuck, Chris?!” he yelled at him and ran to help Austin get off the ground and into his car.

“Taylor!” Austin shouted, Taylor looked back at Chris and wiped away her tears and walked in her brother’s direction, it was her turn to leave.

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