Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 4

Three whole days. Chris was being held captive in his own apartment by Justin for three whole days. That meant three days of Justin playing Street Fighter and losing, him cleaning up the whole apartment, and eating every last thing in the fridge and cupboards. Chris sat on his usual place on the couch with his usual black sweatpants on. He just finished working out so he was sweaty and sore, the angel wing tattoos on his chest glistened and his chest rose as his heartbeat raced.

“Did you find out anything about what happened?” Chris asked.

“It wasn’t what we expected or else we’d be dead by now,” Justin answered.

Chris shook his head, he was actually expecting to hear something about Austin or better yet Taylor but it was a relief to hear that no one was after him. These people were professionals and if you ever rubbed them the wrong that was the end of you.

“Well I’m going out,” Chris said.


By the time he got out of the shower it had already started to rain outside but anywhere was better than where he was at now. Besides, Justin said he invited company over and “company” usually meant a girl or two. Chris decided to walk around Soho, he knew he’d eventually get lost but he had to clear his mind. With his hoodie over his head and his hands in his pockets like always he felt alone and different in a city that was known for its diversity. The people who walked passed him on the street didn’t even glance at him or acknowledge him the way he had noticed them. If they only knew he was the ‘unknown hero’ and how he had saved that girl in the alley. But for Chris it wasn’t about glory or fame, he did good deeds because he knew it was the right thing to do and he had the power to get it done, literally.

He started thinking about how he had first met Justin and everything they had been through. Justin was the same age as Chris and they basically had the same past which is why they got along so well. They were both missing out on the same things in life but Justin dealt with it differently, in a more carless way. But no matter how much Chris disagreed with Justin’s behavior they still considered each other brothers even though they were the complete opposites, physically and emotionally. Chris was tall, built, light-skinned, goofy, sensitive, and sweet. Justin was tall, just as strong as Chris, but he was white and had the demeanor of a thug which was entertaining for Chris. Justin was a tough kid and he only acted out cause he hid his emotions.

“Next subject,” he thought to himself. And then he saw her face, Taylor. He didn’t really know much about her but he was drawn to her. She was different from most girls he had met before but he wasn’t sure what made her so different. She made him feel weak and powerless but not in a way that placed her above him, she made him more open to trust and love. He knew he’d never forget how he had abandoned her that night, even though it wasn’t his fault he still felt guilty. She’s probably in the hospital in critical condition or even worse 6 feet under, he thought for the past two nights. Chris hadn’t told Justin about the way he felt about her but Justin knew they interacted at the party and he wouldn’t approve of Chris making it into something more until he got his life straight.

Chris ran up the stairs in his apartment building instead of taking the elevator. He put his key into the door and turned the knob, when he walked in he stripped himself free of his wet hoodie. He heard people talking in the living room, it must have been Justin’s guests. When he turned the corner he planned on just walking straight towards his room but as he tried to escape Justin called out his name. When he turned back he saw Austin and sitting across from Austin with her back to Chris, was Taylor.

“How about you put a shirt on, we got company,” Justin joked.

Chris and Taylor locked eyes and she quickly looked away, her cheeks flushed. He stuck his middle finger at Justin before disappearing down the hall. Tank-top or a tee, he thought. He shook his head, she didn’t care about the shirt he wore, no girl did. He slipped on a plain white tee, brushed his blonde hair in the mirror, and walked back to the living room where he could hear Austin explaining what had happened the other night at the party.

“They just started fighting and Shad tried to stop it  but they didn’t listen so he just shot it up in the air, now I got a hole in my ceiling.”

The only seat left in the living room was next to Taylor, of course Chris thought. He sat down trying to make as much space as possible between them on the small love seat. He smoothed his hands on his lap and when he looked up he caught Austin staring at him.

“But yeah,” Austin continued focusing his attention towards Justin, “We’re supposed to catch our flight tonight but we wanna go out before that. You coming?” he asked Justin.

“Yeah, I’m down,” Justin answered, “You coming, Chris?”

Chris had a feeling he wasn’t wanted by the way Austin stared at him, “Nah, I’m straight.”

“Tay, you have your car to get home, right?” Austin asked her in his older brother defensive tone.

“Yes,” Taylor responded annoyed.

The three of them walked towards the door and Chris followed behind. Austin made sure Taylor was the first one out, never giving her a chance  to fully acknowledge Chris. He had wanted to see Taylor again and his wish was granted but that was the end of that, Chris knew it wouldn’t pan out how he thought it would. He locked the door and walked back to his room, he kicked off his sneakers and slipped out of his shirt. For the first time in weeks he finally decided to sleep on his own bed. Once his head hit the pillow the doorbell rang.

“Who the hell?” Chris whispered to himself getting up and throwing his pillow against the wall. He walked  towards the door and didn’t care about answering it with no shirt or shoes on, Justin must have forgotten his phone or something. “Who is it?” he asked, no answer. He looked through the peep-hole and saw no one. This was probably another one of Justin’s pranks and if it was he better get an ice pack ready before he got punched in the face again. Chris swung open the door, “Jus, you need a …” he stopped in mid-sentence.

Taylor looked up at him, “Can I come in?”

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