Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 3

Neither of them said anything for about five minutes. Chris leaned against the wall and scratched his head, he always felt like the guys that stood up against the walls at parties were losers and now he was one of them. Taylor turned to face him, “You’re not from around here.”
“Why would you think that?” Chris asked raising his eyebrows. How could this girl he never met nor ever seen be figuring him out?

“The only person you know here is Justin, I guess. I mean you came with him and now you’re alone holding up the wall,” she laughed.

He noticed her smile, pearly white straight teeth that complimented her pink lips and tanned skin. Her light brown almost blonde hair flowed off her shoulders in thick waves like the models in those shampoo commercials. Her eyes were small, like she was Asian but she didn’t look like she was.

“So where are you from?” she asked making him jump out of his trance.

“From California,” he lied, well technically he didn’t lie he lived there for a week.

“What made you come here?” she shouted over the music.

“College. I go to Fordham,” another lie.

“You wanna go outside?” she asked, “I can’t hear you,” she said pointing at her ears. Chris laughed again, she was silly and he liked that.

They walked onto the balcony and sat on the chairs, another awkward moment. Chris wanted to break the ice this time but once again Taylor beat him to it.

“So, did that hurt?” she asked pointing at his arms.

Chris thought she was talking about the scars on his arms but she got up from her seat and sat on his chair and touched the tattoo’s on his arms. Chris just watched as she traced his Jesus tattoo with the tip of her finger and she went on to the next tattoo, her hands were soft. She didn’t seem sexual or easy, she was just curious and Chris didn’t mind. She finally reached his scar and Chris flinched a little.

She noticed his reaction, “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want too. I like your tattoos though, I always wanted one or two,” there was her smile again.

“So why don’t you get one?” Chris asked.

“My parents would kill me.”

Chris didn’t ask why her parents would tell her what she should be doing when she clearly was a grown woman.

“Why are you out here with me? Wouldn’t you rather be in there with your friends?”

“I don’t even like those people, those are my brother’s friends” she said, shaking her head.

“Your brother?”

“Yeah, Austin,” she replied.

Now if this wasn’t the most awkward thing to happen all night. Chris hadn’t officially met Austin but he was one of Justin’s friends and well you don’t like your friend’s friends’ sister. Chris didn’t doubt that him and Austin would soon become friends so out of respect he knew he shouldn’t be talking to Taylor even though she was pretty and funny, and she had all of the characteristics a man should appreciate in a woman. Chris hadn’t even noticed how curvy her figure was in her royal blue dress, she had a tiny waist but what was below it was far from small. As much as Chris wanted to spend the rest of the night with her he knew he couldn’t. If he got to know her more he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her. And if she fell for him the way he was falling for her he’d break her heart, he wasn’t the type of person to stay in one place for very long and he knew he’d have to leave sooner or later with his face being all over the news. A scream broke the silence, “Fuck, not again” Chris thought. He closed his eyes but he saw nothing, he looked at Taylor and noticed she was looking at him too.

“What was that?” he asked.

Confused, Taylor looked back into the party and Chris turned around as well. People were running away from something or someone but from outside looking in Chris didn’t understand what was going on. He stood up from the chair and out of fear Taylor grabbed his hand, Chris looked down at their hands interlocked and held onto hers even tighter. He walked toward the sliding door and slid it open, they hadn’t noticed the stereo was no longer on but the screams of terror made up for it. They walked into the loft, Chris looked around for Justin but they didn’t see him. A gun shot cracked in the air and everyone dropped to the floor to prevent getting hit by a bullet, Chris heard Taylor scream and she grabbed onto his arm. Chris’ first instinct was to find whoever had the gun and take him out like he had done to the guy in the alley. Then Chris felt someone tug onto his other arm, whoever it was just as strong as him. He reached out for Taylor and she wasn’t there, whoever grabbed onto him pulled him out of the loft.

“Hurry up, Chris!” he heard, it was Justin. He was still pulling onto Chris until he shoved him in the car and they sped off.

“What the fuck happened? Who was that? We have to go back, Jus! We can’t leave those people in there,” Chris protested.

“What if it was them, Chris? You were all over the news just a few hours ago. This was all my fault, we should’ve just laid low,” Justin explained.

Chris didn’t even bother to argue, for once Justin was right. All Chris could do was stare out the window and watch the city lights sail past them. This was the first time in his life he didn’t save someone in danger. He looked down at the tattoos on his arm and still felt her touch. Taylor. This was the first time in his life he felt love.

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