Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 2

“Wake up, stupid,” Chris heard and then he felt someone shove him. The sun hit him in the face blinding him. “Who the hell opened the curtains?” Chris thought to himself and then he remembered he lived alone. Another shove and Chris threw a punch in the air hitting something or rather someone.

“What the f-ck?! Dammit, man!”

Chris started laughing. He recognized that voice, it belonged to his best friend Justin Bowers. He sat up on the couch and stretched his arms in the air and watched Justin rub his nose.

“That’s what you get,” Chris snickered and more seriously asked, “How’d you even get in here?”

“Well, I was knocking on your door for about an hour and clearly you didn’t answer. So I climbed the fire escape to knock on the window and it was opened,” Justin explained sarcastically. “Have you seen the news?”

“You know I don’t watch that crap,” Chris answered.

Justin looked around for the remote control but Chris’ place was such a mess he looked like he belonged on True Life: I Am A Hoarder. Chris just walked up to the television and turned it on to see what all the fuss was about. BREAKING NEWS: Serial Rapist Found In Dumpster In Downtown NYC, read the headline.

“Holy sh-t,” Chris whispered when he saw the sketch of a man who looked just like him on the screen.

“And you say this is the man who saved your life?” the reporter from Faux News asked the young girl Chris had saved last night. The girl pointed at the sketch of Chris, “That’s him. I didn’t even get to say thank you, he just appeared out of no where, “ she said still amazed and in shock about the whole situation.

“Well there you have it, folks. We are living in the presence of an unknown hero. Out of the 15 incidents that have occurred here in downtown New York City at least one victim was saved and the suspect has been put behind bars all thanks to our mystery man,” she said pointing to the sketch of Chris in his black hoodie again before the screen went black. Chris turned around and looked at Justin who had the remote in his hand.

“I found it in the fridge,” Justin said with a proud smile on his face.
Chris sat on the couch with his head cupped in his hands. This could ruin everything, he could be exposed and they would find him. How was he supposed to leave his house now without being recognized? Justin was sitting on the floor playing Street Fighter, in all the years Chris had known him he hardly taken anything seriously.

“F-ck!” he yelled and threw the control, his usual tantrum whenever he lost a game. Chris could never get over the fact how Justin had so many tattoos and was such a tough kid but he’d cry if he lost a video game.

“You’re not helping,” Chris said.

“It’s not even that serious, Chris. You ran away how many years ago? I bet they forgot about you by now,” Justin said trying to make light of the situation, “But, I have a plan. You need a disguise, an alias.”

Chris cracked his knuckles, his patience wearing thin. He had saved people before and it never blew out of proportion. Maybe he should’ve watched the news more often so he’d stay clear of serial rapists and the media.

“How am I supposed to disguise myself? I can’t wear a wear a wig or put make up on, that’s just stupid,” Chris protested, his forehead was wrinkled and his jaw clenched.

“Well for starters, shave that shit off your face,” Justin laughed, “But seriously, change your look up a bit maybe that’s what’s making you paranoid and stressed. You’ll feel like a new person afterwards, trust me.”

“Oh, is that what you did?” Chris joked.

Justin pointed to  the bathroom, “Go. You smell and you look like crap and hurry up we’re going out somewhere.”


Chris couldn’t even recognize himself in the mirror, he was looking at a completely different person. Physically he was different, but emotionally he felt the same if anything he actually felt more awkward now. Justin somehow convinced him to dye his hair and he was actually impressed that a light skin man like himself would be an attractive blonde. He wore a loose tank top with cargo shorts and sneakers more casual than his conservative usual self. His tattoos were exposed now and he usually hid them because he knew people always judged him because of them.

“You ready?” Justin asked.

“Yeah, where we going?”

“We’re going to a party, I want you to meet some people. Come on, live a little,” Justin said as they drove off in his Range Rover.

The party was in Soho at a loft on Christopher Street. There was so many people at the party that seemed to know each other and Chris knew no one but Justin so he was the odd man out.

“Yo Justin!” someone shouted and Justin and Chris turned around. A scrawny tan skinned guy walked towards them. Apparently his name was Austin and it seemed like Justin and him hadn’t seen each other in a while cause they were so caught up in their conversation that Chris just stared at the floor.

“I’m Taylor,” Chris heard and saw a hand next to his face. He looked up, “Is she talking to me?” Chris thought.

“I’m Chris,” he answered, shaking her hand.

She smiled, he smiled. Justin and Austin walked away making the moment more awkward than what it already was. Chris hadn’t even noticed her walk up to him and he was shocked he hadn’t noticed her when he first walked through the door.

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