Fan Fiction: Superhuman Chapter 11

Chris sat on the ledge of the balcony rubbing his jaw as he watched Taylor yell at Shad who kept giving her lame excuses about what had happened earlier that morning at the mall. Taylor had pushed Chris outside right after Shad had punched him in the jaw while he tried to walk away. The sliding door was locked and sound proof but Chris heard every single word.

“It’s not even like that, Taylor you know I love you,” Shad pleaded.

“Really, Shad? Cause friends don’t just walk around kissing each other,” she replied.

“Well at least I just kissed her, you f-cked him!” he yelled pointing at Chris.

“Keep assuming, you’re making an ass out of yourself. Just get out, I’m done with you.”

“Tay, this was the first time I swear. Just give me another chance,” Shad begged but Taylor never answered, “It’s not even about what happened at the mall, right? It’s him, I’m not dumb. You don’t even know him or what he’s capable of, Taylor,” Shad finished saying as he walked out of the door leaving his luggage behind.

Taylor sighed and turned around to see that Chris wasn’t on the balcony anymore. She walked towards the door confused and slid it open, no one.

“Chris!” she called walking back into the loft, no answer.


“Why the f-ck would he say that, Justin?” Chris asked as he gritted his teeth.

“How the hell am I supposed to know? Austin doesn’t even know the whole story,” Justin explained.

The last thing Chris wanted was for Taylor to find out about his past by someone who didn’t even know the first thing about him. He sat on the couch figuring out all the possible ways that could’ve led Shad to say what he said. When he had left for the heist he had taken Justin’s car and when he tried to leave he didn’t make it all the way home.

“How did you know where I was when I hit up that place?”

“You left the envelope here,” Justin said like it was nothing.

“But if I had your car, what car did you guys pick me up in?” Chris questioned him.

“Austin’s. Then I drove back home in my car.”

“And you left the envelope in Austin’s car and Shad read it? Fucking bullshit,” Chris said and he flipped over the coffee table, walked to his room, and locked the door. When he layed down on his bed he felt his phone vibrate, 5 new text messages and 2 missed calls all from Taylor.

Taylor: Where did you go?
Taylor: How’d you leave if you didn’t go through the front door?
Taylor: Did I do something wrong?
Taylor: If I hurt you in any way I’m sorry.
Taylor: I’m sorry for what Shad did. I didn’t want you to be in the middle of us, you mean more to me than he did. I guess you’ll talk to me when you’re ready. I love you,  Chris.

She blamed herself for nothing since she did nothing wrong and it hurt Chris that he was hurting her and she didn’t even know the truth. He didn’t know how to tell her, he didn’t even know how to start. Chris decided he would avoid her until he was able to explain everything in a way that wouldn’t make her runaway from him but he knew that would be impossible.

2 Days Later..

Chris pressed ignore on his phone, he still wasn’t ready to talk to her. She had already left him millions of questions through texts and voicemail, so far none were “What did Shad mean by I don’t know what you’re capable of?” Maybe she wanted to wait to ask that in person and Chris still had no idea how he would even begin to answer that.

“You should just talk to her,” Justin said breaking the silence; Chris looked at him, “She probably doesn’t know plus you’re done with that life. She’s too much in love with you to hate you because of your past.”

Chris thought about it, grabbed his phone, Justin’s car keys and headed out the door.

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  1. cbreezygurl89 says:

    no!!!!!!! it was gettin gud..

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