The Feud Between Bieber, Young Jinsu, and Rob Swanson Continues

We thought it might be interesting for you guys to see a different perspective on the issues between Justin, Selena, Rob, and Jinsu. While Justin indirectly mentions the feud, we’re here giving you a firsthand account on what happened.

Everything started when Jelena fans started attacking Rob and Jinsu, saying how much better Selena is than Jasmine and how Jinsu and Rob will never be as talented as Justin. Because of this, Young Jinsu made his Justin Bieber diss video, which was filmed outside of Alfredo’s apartment. Scooter found out about this and called Jinsu and Rob, threatening them and their careers. Check this out:

My name is Rob Swanson and I’m an 18 year old upcoming director speaking on my recent encounters with Justin Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun. About a week ago, I received a call from Scooter Braun threatening me that if I was to release a video I shot for an artist named Young Jinsuthat he would ruin my career. Saying such words like ‘I’m not threatening you, but I’m no one to f*ck with.’ My natural reaction was that I was scared; the fact someone like Scooter Braun would call me and threaten my dream of becoming a successful director had me questioning my job. As much as I was shaken up by his words, I couldn’t understand why me. Why was I chosen to be attacked and why did I appeal as such a threat to him? I’m sure most people are aware of the recent ‘beef’ between Young Jinsu and Justin Bieber, but for me to be threatened for doing my job is just ridiculous. Scooter even tried to tell me what to tweet and what tweets I should delete – there’s hundreds of hate blogs, twitters, and videos online and they’re not getting threatened so why did he choose me? They preach ‘never say never’ and ‘just believe’ and yet he’s telling me if I continue to work with Young Jinsu, I won’t have much of a career.

I’m a person who speaks his mind, if I feel something’s not right, I will address it one way or another. Everyone has an opinion, but my opinion caught their attention for reasons I still don’t understand. Regardless of my opinion, to receive a call from Justin and Scooter just made me lose any respect I could have had for them. It doesn’t matter how successful you are or how much money you have, you have no right to belittle and put down a persons career because they have more power. There’s millions of Beliebers who would die to get a phone call from them, funny how I was the one who received the call and it’s really nothing to be happy about. Days went by, and I decided to finish my job editing this music video – about 15 minutes after the release of the video, I was already getting a call from Scooter telling me ‘that wasn’t very smart’ so what exactly does that mean? Throughout the night, my phone was getting calls from different numbers with a weird voice threatening me along with Jinsu, saying they had our address and were coming for us. I honestly don’t know what to make of this, I’m not going to stop pursuing my dream and I feel they’re actions have consequences so I must let it be known. My name is Rob Swanson and I’m an 18 year old director, but Scooter Braun and Justin Bieber – who many look up to accomplish their dreams are trying to demolish mine. (Twitter -@TheRobSwanson)

What do you think now that you’ve heard what really happened? While obviously the feud is better squashed, it’s not right for Scooter to threaten teenagers and say he’s going to ruin their career. That’s just dirty and unfair. All things considered, Rob and Jinsu have kept closed lips to the public on why exactly they dislike Justin and Selena.


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7 Responses to The Feud Between Bieber, Young Jinsu, and Rob Swanson Continues

  1. bbibi says:

    After the whole iJever incident happened, many of the beliebers became simpsonizers. Many people including me lost respect for Scooter and Justin with their #neversaynever bullcrap. It’s stupid for some beliebers to still think that Robswanson and Jinsu are haters just because they are giving out their opinion on things. Those beliebers are obviously blinded from the truth and they will never ever gonna accept the fact that their Justin is not perfect, despite the line from Selena Gomez’s song Who Says ” Who says, who says you’re not perfect’. But Nobody is perfect! God made us that way. Scooter has been trying so damn hard to keep Justin scandal-free ! That is just impossible to achieve. It brings more doubt and soon their lies would be revealed and fans would be decreasing

  2. hannah says:

    i like how he says its not right to belittle someone’s career when the video he shot was a hate video on justin bieber. and also why would you shoot a hate video when first of all, justin and selena never hated on jinsu and jasmine, those were haters u can’t blame justin and selena for your haters, second, how would you feel if someone attacked an artist you were working with? you wouldn’t be too happy about that now, would you? right so you blame scooter for trying to protect his artist. i think it’s quite humorous to say Scooter is trying to crush your dreams. you decided to screw with justin and his team, you are going to pay the consequences.

    • Natalie says:

      you don’t know the story behind it, no one does. just know there’s always 3 sides to a story. in this case it’s justin’s side, jinsu’s side, and the truth & all everyone has heard is 1 side so far.

  3. I think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is a cute couple and so is jasmine Villegas and young jinsu we love them all Justin and jinsu don’t make us fans chose who is better or pretty u all is just stop all this shit its just a waste of your time and ours you have pople who look up to u and now u are losing there respect becuz of this shit even mine Justin Bieber I love u so much I look up to u so do I jinsu life is to damn short for this and scooter braun u to damn old to be calling people like that what’s your problem this is Justin Bieber fight not yours so just stop. Justin Bieber u are losing your fans I never thought u can be so damn mean. Young jinsu u rock u still have my respect idk about Justin and Justin I don’t think u notice that u are losing your believers sorry I’m gone so is others get his ass young jinsu

  4. drizz says:

    honestly this whole thing is just dumb ya justin and jinsu had beef cuz of what the “fan” started and jinsu just gave out his opinion he wasnt hating on nobody and justin got mad cuz of jinsu’s opinion on the fans tweet he was just defending his girl is all he knew he was gonna get hated on anyways but that didnt stop him that action right there is basically letting everyone know that he loves jasmine being the boyfriend he is justin barely defends selena im not hating on bieber im putting out true facts and the whole scooter calling and threating rob to me thats an extreme no beyond it ask anybody how messed up it is that threatning another music director isnt right like wtf seriously scooter will go that low for beiber? who cares if he got plenty of money or fame he’s still a human being and any other being we all make mistakes and we tend to get pissed but damn if i was rob i would directly face scooter and work things out. but we all go through this daily and we work things out so hopefully this feud will end and hope it ends soon

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