Chris Brown to Appear on MTV’s “When I Was 17”

MTV Talent Executive spilled the tea via twitter today tweeting, “We’re shooting When I Was 17 with Chris Brown. Its 4pm and my eyes are starting to get heavy #Australia.” Whitney-Gayle Benta caught up with Chris down under while he’s on his Australia Fame tour to inquire about what his life was like at the age of 17. The shoot wrapped earlier this week (Melbourne time) and will premiere in the U.S on May 14 at 11 am.

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3 Responses to Chris Brown to Appear on MTV’s “When I Was 17”

  1. chianne says:

    I glad there are none of the usual descriptors here, like ‘”troubled” or “controversial” artist Chris Brown. He is an incredible multi- talented young artist, headed for greatness. Let that define him, not the one lapse of control when he was nineteen (and yes, the minor one this spring – a reaction to people still haunting him re: the lapse of over two years ago).

    • angela says:

      I agree with the comment above. CB (in my opinion) is not troubled nor controversial nor embattled as he is oftentimes referred to. He may have some issues relating to witnessing abuse for a long period as a child, but that doesnot define him, nor does that incident with Rihanana define him. That is how the media defines him, along with some other ugly adjective in front of his name, but in all actuality, that young man is so much more. And given time, you will see it for yourself. That young man is destined for greatness. Keep your head up, CB and keep GOD first in your life. Give back and stay positive. You have to stay on the straight and narrow, and if that means going to therapy for issues that you had no control over, so be it. I love you but I want to say this. There are people that do not want to see you succeed. People are always going to mention “that Rihanna incident”. Kill them with kindness. You cannot throw a chair everytime you feel anger inside. Go and get more therapy with an authentic professional. It will help you in the long run, as I feel you witnessing your mother beatdowns as a child has a lot to do with your built up anger. If people bring it up, take the “hi road” and say “yes, I made a mistake during that time in my life, but I have learned from it. DO NOT, DO NOT give other folk power or control over how you react to certain situations. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ASKED ABOUT THAT INCIDENT, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE IT, BECAUSE IT HAPPENED. You cannot control other folk, what they think or how they act, BUT YOU CAN CONTROL YOU. okay. I love you and will always keep you in my prayers. DO GOOD, BE GOOD, AND GIVE GOD THANKS.

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