Chris Brown In “Adelaide Now”

CHRIS Brown comes with a reputation but he wasn’t bringing any of that baggage into town.

The rapper happily posed for fans when he arrived in low-key style – well, for a rapper anyway – at Adelaide Airport on Sunday ahead of tomorrow night’s performance at the Entertainment Centre.

Fans crowded around him to pose for a happy snap, which he was more than happy to do, under the watchful eye of his “really big entourage”.

As SA team leader of worldwide Chris Brown fan club Team Breezy, uni student Michelle Samaras gathered a bunch of fans to welcome the singer to Adelaide.

“He was really appreciative of us all there,” she tells Confidential. “Obviously his security was rushing him through but he made the call and asked to stop to talk to us. He had a really big entourage with him and his security.”

Michelle saw him in 2008 and when he toured Australia with Beyonce in 2007.

The girls will be taking their lovingly made banners with them to the concert. The fan club Team Breezy reaches 40 countries, in which each has a team leader.

Adelaide is the first stop on the worldwide F.A.M.E. tour, followed by Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth and then the rest of the world.

In March 2009, Chris, then 19, went before the court for assaulting his then-girlfriend, superstar Rihanna and recently punched a wall when asked about the incident on an American television show, but it looks like he’s turned a new leaf in Adelaide.

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