Who is Karrueche Tran?

Everyone’s curious and wants to find out who Karrueche Tran is. There isn’t much information out there about her besides the fact that she is Chris Brown’s current girlfriend. She is from Los Angeles and is of Black and Vietnamese descent. She’s around the age of 23 and is a 5’1 model. Some of her best friends are well known in the entertainment industry like, Vanessa Simmons and Seiko Huffman from Baldwin Hills. Some of Team Breezy aren’t too fond of her and believe that this love isn’t genuine. Kae even claims that she used to be a “hoodrat” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Rumors also say that she’s only with Chris for the fame and to get known in the industry; apparently she likes weed and E but these are rumors, no one knows for sure. Whatever it may be, if Chris is happy, I think as his fans we should be happy for him and support his decisions. But what is certain is that Chris likes pretty girls with tattoos and attitudes.

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