UNICEF Tap Water Project 2011: Help Save Lives

Many people all over the world take life for granted and it’s time we start making a difference. How can we expect to live in a safe and healthy environment if we do not help one another and our neighbors in other countries? We might live miles apart but we live in the same world and everyone deserves the same opportunities. Millions of children die of either thirst or because of contamination of water. These are children, they haven’t even had the chance to live life and see the rest of the world and something has to be done about this. Just $1 can save a child’s life. There’s people that spend millions of dollars on materialistic things that are not even necessities, you can live without a Lamborghini or that $250,000 chain around your neck. Not only do celebrities have to start stepping up and making a change because they are role models, but anyone can help. You can save the money you spend on gas or taking public transportation and just walk to work or school instead. That money could be donated for those in need and not only are you saving a life, you are putting an end to global warming. Little by little all of our bad habits need to come to an end before the world does.

Visit http://www.unicef.org/ for more information.

Selena Gomez and Rihanna help make a difference.



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