Another Apology From Chris Brown

By now everyone knows what happened after Chris Brown’s Good Morning America interview because there isn’t anything more important to talk about in the world like Japan or Libya. But the singer and entertainer has appeared twice already on BET’s 106 and Park and on Wednesday he decided to apologize for the way he behaved that early Tuesday morning. His apology seemed very sincere and it showed that he truly wants to just move on from his past, that he is trying to stay positive, and he just wants to live out his dream.

Living in the spotlight is the hardest job for a celebrity, they basically don’t have any privacy. Many celebrities cannot handle the commotion from paparazzi, the media, and obsessive fans. The media de-humanizes celebrities as if none of them have a soul or any feelings. As an artist Chris Brown deserves his freedom of expression, he shouldn’t have to try to impress any of his fans or media that doesn’t approve of his character. He is who he is and his fans, family, and supporters love him, flaws and all.

*Skip to 4:10 if you want to watch the apology*

Also, read this amazing article on Chris Brown by none other than Russell Simmons.

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