Chris Brown is Back

FAME Album Cover

Just yesterday, March 22nd, 2011, the 4th highly anticipated album F.A.M.E from the well-known R&B singer, rapper, dancer, and actor Chris Brown was released in the United States and on iTunes. The album features artists like The Game, Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Timbaland, Wiz Khalifa, and even Justin Bieber. Chris Brown and his team of fans have been promoting the album for months now as he was featured on other artist’s songs like T.I, Chipmunk, and Diddy-Dirty Money.
On his fan-club website, t-shirts, hats, and sweaters in different colors with the words Chris Brown, Team Breezy, and CBE written on the front and back are being sold to fans across the world. Out of all of his albums this was the most anticipated because it has been almost two years since fans have heard from Chris. Sure he has collaborated on a mix-tape (Fan of a Fan) with rapper Tyga and the latest sensation, Kevin McCall but that just wasn’t enough for Team Breezy.
He appeared on BET’s 106 and Park March 21st to promote the album and he basically stole the show, literally. The whole two hours were mainly about Chris Brown, F.A.M.E, and Team Breezy. He performed his latest singles with Busta Rhymes, Tyga, and rapper Bow Wow. He is scheduled to appear on the show this Wednesday and Friday.
Brown appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America the day of the album release and he performed “Yeah 3x’s” after a brutal interview with Robin Roberts. The annoyance and frustration were obvious on Chris’ face when she kept asking about the incident that occurred between him and now ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Chris continued to dodge the subject by saying he has moved on and has become more positive about life; after all he was on the show to promote his album not something that happened TWO years ago. After the interview, he allegedly went into his dressing room and let out his frustration. Rumors are that he broke mirrors, windows, screamed, etc. This evidently made Chris Brown cancel his appearance and performance on MTV’s latest show, The Seven where he was going to premiere his newest music video for the song “Beautiful People.”
In my opinion (you are entitled to yours as well) I honestly believe that people need to just get over it. It happened a while ago, he’s done everything the law has asked of him, Rihanna does not even like to speak about it, and he still has fans, family, and people who support him. You can go on and hate him because obviously what he did was terribly wrong, BUT how can someone move forward if everyone continues to mention their bad past. It’s like people want to bring him down on purpose, like he doesn’t deserve to live a good life. Before the fame, Chris was just a regular boy living in Tappahannock, Virginia living in a violent home. He had a dream and still does, so why can’t people support it and hope for him to become a better person.
It’s ironic how people judge him so terribly but then again everyone praises Charlie Sheen who has shot and physically abused his MANY female partners. He obviously is a drug addict and has more serious issues than Chris Brown and yet people find comedy and entertainment in his actions. I think that people find happiness in other people’s failures which is very sad. People get angry and everyone has their melting point so how is it any different when Chris Brown gets mad? A line needs to be drawn between an artist’s personal life and business. As an artist and entertainer, Chris Brown should be judged on his music not on his personal life which fans and media need to stay out of unless he lets them in.

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